Swimming Pool Construction Extras

These accessories are necessary for concrete swimming pool construction using the Swim-crete pool forming system.

Adjustable Waler Bracket / Waler Board

Adjustable Steel Waler Bracket Waler Board Tightening Waler Board Removal

The adjustable waler system is attached to the concrete forms on the interior side of the pool, and placed at the first pin hole, 8" down from the top of the panels.

Aluminum Waler Board

By using the waler boards you will ensure the straightness of the wall.

Standard Pin & Wedge

Standard Pin Curved Wedge
Standard Pin & Wedge

Round tapered pins have a milled wedge slot. The shank is designed to eliminate pin sag and improve ease of stripping. Pins are made from steel and are heat-treated for long life.

Standard Wall Ties


Swim-crete steel ties are manufactured to meet the requirements of today's various pouring methods. We continually perform quality control testing to ensure that all of our ties yield a minimum pull strength of 7,200#.

Wall-Ties installed Breaking ties is accomplished by striking downward or sideways Breaking ties can be accomplished by utilizing the Swim-crete Tie Breaker Bar or hammer

Breaking ties is accomplished by striking downward or sideways with hammer or utilizing the Swim-crete Tie Breaker Bar.

Saddle Bracket

Saddle Bracket Saddle Bracket Installed

Unique bracket that produces 2" and 4" offset with straight wall forms. This ledge allows for the use of stone or brick for cascading/shear wall fountains and elevated retaining walls.


Blockoffs Blockoffs

The blockoff is used for blocking off wall ends. Commonly used in elevated fountain or retaining wall applications.

Aluminum Wall Brace

Aluminum Wall Brace

Available in 5'3" length - Ideal for 42" and 48" walls

Slide Hammer

Slide Hammer Slide Hammer

Ideal for removal of step forms.


Aluminum Wall Brace

The turnbuckle allows adjustment without moving brace. Easily attached to either lumber or metal pipe to manipulate wall braces that pin to the form.

Parapet Brackets

Parapet Brackets Parapet Brackets

The Parapet Bracket is used in suspending the formwork on one side of the wall from the opposite side. This is commonly used in all-concrete pool construction.

Spray Tanks

5 gallon hand tank

Compact 5 gallon hand tank allows for easy application to forms. Lightweight stainless steel with 4' hose and gun.

60 gallon spray tank

Our 60 gallon spray tank comes complete with a 100' hose and a 4' wand.

When ordering please specify spray tip size. Spray tanks should not be filled over 2/3 full. Both tanks are designed with safety filler caps. Replacement parts are available.

Pouring Accessories

Standard Chutes Standard Chutes with Flare

Swim-crete smooth flow aluminum chute is durable and lightweight. Our chutes are made of extruded heavy gauge aluminum and reinforced with cross beams and secured attachment chain. The aluminum chute weighs less than 5 lbs. per foot which makes it easy to handle by a single worker.

Pouring Shovel

Pouring Shovel - Fabricated with lightweight aluminum and made to drag concrete inside forms.

Standard Pouring Board

Pouring Board - Lightweight, totally aluminum board constructed with "L" shaped bracket on back that slips over the top of the form. Naturally helps reduce spillage and removal of form oil off forms at discharge locations. Directs uniform flow of concrete during placement.

Tie Twister

Tie Twister

Used to tie wire ties quickly and easily. Works with any size wire tie.

Crete-Lease "Break-In" Aluminum Form Conditioner

Crete-Lease 'Break-In Aluminum' Form Conditioner

"Seasons" new aluminum forms before first use with concrete...helps prevent concrete from sticking. Basic Use: To condition surfaces of new, unused aluminum forms before their first use. Crete-Lease "Break-In" oxidizes the aluminum surface to keep concrete from sticking. It Conditions forms even at 45°F, is not as messy as "liming," removes residual oils, and is biodegradable

Crete-Lease 727 Release Agent

Crete-Lease 727 Release Agent 55 gallons Crete-Lease 727 Release Agent 5 gallons

Crete-Lease 727 is a mineral based release agent that has been used for more than 25 years. It applies at low and high ambient temperatures and it exceeds all state and federal VOC regulations. Basic Use: Crete-Lease 727 permits easy stain-free removal of forms, form liners, pallets, etc. from hardened concrete. It:

  • Cuts form clean-up time up to 70% when properly applied.
  • Can reduce bug holes on concrete surfaces.
  • Does not interfere with adhesion of caulk, architectural coatings, paint, sealers, and curing compounds on cured concrete surfaces when properly applied.
  • Works superbly on aluminum forms.
  • Can be applied in sub-freezing or very hot temperatures.
  • Reduces incidences of skin rash to an absolute minimum.
  • Can produce both high visual impact (CCS 2) and typical concrete surfaces (CCS 3, CCS 4, CCS 5).
  • Even when applying 10 times more than required:
  • No staining when cured at ambient temp.
  • Concrete surfaces are not "killed".
  • Does not cause efflorescence.
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